Bread and Baking links

If you want to learn more about making bread or more about ‘real’ bread and why it is important here are some books and links that have been useful for me and some short films about inspiring bakers.

Books/Sources of information

  1. Allam P and McGuiness D (2010) Bourke Street Bakery: the ultimate baking companion. Murdoch Books.
  2. Hamelman J (2004). Bread: A Baker’s book of techniques and recipes. Wiley US.
  3. Leader D & Blahnik J (1993) Bread Alone, Wm Morrow
  4. Leader D (2007). Local breads. WW Norton.
  5. Robertson, Chad (2010). Tartine Bread. Chronicle Books.
  6. The Real Bread Campaign
  7. Whitley, Andrew (2006). Bread Matters: Why and how to make your own. Fourth Estate London.
  8. The Real Bread Campaign, Chris Young, Becky Joynt, Gavin Dupee (2011). Knead to Know: The Real Bread Starter. The Introductory Guide to Success in Baking Real Bread for your Local Community. Sustain, The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.

Visual links



  1. I love this article because given links are really usefull

  2. good one

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